Common abbreviations

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Common abbreviations

Post by Admin on Wed 30 Apr 2008, 12:32 am

*P/doc - Psychiatrist
*T/doc - Therapist
*CBT - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
*DBT - Dialectial Behaviour Therapy
*GP - General Doctor
*ASW - Approved Social Worker
*HCSW - Helath Care Support Worker
*CPN - community psychiatric nurse
*SW - Social Worker
*Meds - medication
*BP - Bipolar
*BPD - Borderline personality disorder
*SI/SH - Self Injure/Self Harm
*Dx - Diagnosis
*Px - Prescription
*Anti-d - Anti depressant
*Lol - Laugh out loud
*LMAO - Laughing my ass off
*PMSL - P*ssing myself laughing
*BTW - By the way
*IMO - In my opinion
*FYI - for your information
*ROFL- Rolling on the floor laughing
*Pm - Private message
*CMHT - Community Mental Health Team
*MHA - Mental health Act
*WTF - What the f**k
*TBH - To Be Honest

If you have anymore please add them to this post

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