Guidelines for Bipolar Support Centre

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Guidelines for Bipolar Support Centre

Post by Admin on Sun 20 Apr 2008, 1:12 am

Guidelines for Bipolar Support Centre

Welcome to Bipolar Support Centre, we have some guidelines in place to help with the running of the site and to keep members safe. These guidelines are not breakable and apply to all members. We will not allow one rule for one member and another for another member, this is to make the guidelines fair.

Every member registered to these forums deserves to be treated with respect. Members come to this forum looking for support and advice from others who are going through the same things as they are, and hopefully to forum friendships too. Please treat each member with the respect and kindness you would expect to be treated.
We will not accept anyone attacking any member, admin, or moderator. Everyone has a right to be able to post safely and without judgment. Although we understand that at times people may not get on with each other, but we ask that if you have any problems with members to either discuss your problems with that member or if you feel you are unable to do so please contact a member of the admin or moderation team and we will take action.

Use of the Private messaging function (PM for short) The PM system is for members to communicate privately between each other, however anyone found to be sending abusive PMs will face disciplinary action, which may result in a ban (temporary or permanently). Abusive means anything you know the other person will find upsetting, offending or triggering. If you have been asked by a member to hold back on talking about a subject which is distressing and upsetting for them and you then ignore their request, you will face a ban. Ignoring other member’s wishes is classed as abusing their rights.

Any PM’s that contain abusive, threatening or upsetting text should be reported to Admin or a Moderator as soon as possible. Before anything can be done the offending PM should be forwarded unanswered so that there is proof. This is so no member can be falsely accused and that any action can be done in a fair manner. If any offending message has been replied to, we will need to see a copy of that message too. If an abusive message is an answer to a prior message, then we will also need to see that message. We ask that members do not get into a slanging match over abusive messages, as this can cause more distress and we would rather take control of the situation so that no member feels they have to take things into their own hands. These guidelines include any emails that are sent using the forum email system.

The admin email for which you can forward any emails, or ask any questions is The decisions made by the Admin and Moderation Team on the forums are final, if you have a query please do not post these on the forums, any posts of such nature will be deleted and unanswered, we will only answer emails regarding these decisions.

We ask that you do not post suicide notes on the forums; this is unfair on other members who may feel helpless because they can not help you. These forums and members are not equipped to handle such situations. If you are in a crisis or feeling suicidal please contact your local A&E, mental health team or the Samaritans.

Whilst we encourage you to ask questions and gain advice from each other, we want you to remember that there are no medical professionals or counsellors on the forums; we are unable to give you specific medical advice or diagnose you. Members are welcome to discuss medication they are taking, whether they have had side effects and what has worked for them but no one is qualified to advise you to change your medication, up or decrease the dosage you take, PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE YOUR MEDICATION (DOSE, BRAND) WITHOUT THE ADVICE OF YOUR GP OR PSYCHIATRIST.

One these forums we allow swearing but please put a warning in your topic title or the top line of your post letting readers know that your post contains swearing. We ask that members do not swear in their posts in the “Hello I am New” and “General Chit Chat” forums, any posts in these forums that contain swearing will be edited.

The Admin and Moderation Team reserve the right to edit, delete and/or move any post. We will always add a reason at the bottom of the post to say why we have edited the post. If we delete a post we will PM the member telling them why we have, if a post we have deleted have multiple replies we will post a message letting members know why it was deleted. We will not silence any member, but at the same time we will not allow any arguments/heated discussions that become unhealthy for the forums and for members to stay on the forums. If any member wishes to discuss anything regarding this, please email us.

Members are only allowed one account; this is to avoid confusion and anyone from making up false memberships. Any members found to have more than one account will face an immediate permanent ban, IP’s will be logged and anyone found trying to make up another account will be reported. This is so we can keep the forums and members safe.

When posting your own written poems please include a copyright notice at the bottom of your posts saying that the poem is copyrighted to you. Any poems found to be copied from another site that is not your own work will be deleted and members may face a ban.

What isn’t allowed to be posted

Posting of material which is of a pornography nature, advertising of any kind (buying, selling, auctioning whether personal or business) will not be tolerated and will be deleted and accounts banned and removed.
Members are not allowed to post any information from another site unless they have written permission from the author. Before a post of this nature can be made, a copy of the written permission needs to be sent to the admin email address, only once we are sure that the permission is legal will we allow a post to be made. This is to comply with copyright laws.

If members wish to link to a website that contains information that they think would benefit other members, we ask that they contact a moderator before posting so they can verify that the content of that website is safe for members. Any posts containing links may be removed if members haven’t gained permission of a moderator first.
We recommend that members do not give out personal details about themselves on the forums. We also recommend that you get to know someone very well before you give out any details. If you do wish to give out details please do so at your own risk and via the PM system.

Leaving the forums

We understand that sometimes members may wish to leave because they feel the forum can no longer address their needs, or that they feel they are ready to move on from the forums. We can not unfortunately delete members posts as this will disrupt the running of the forums and will be time consuming, however saying this if a member wishes to have any poems they have written deleted we will do this as all poems written by members cover the copyright law.

The Banning of Members

When we ban a member permanently we will notify members using the forums, we wont however go into detail as to why a member has been banned. Any members who are on a temporary ban will not be allowed to post on the forums, anyone who attempts to post during a temp ban may face a permanent ban.

The use of multiple accounts to disrupt the forums is not tolerated and will be banned and deleted. IP’s will be logged and anyone persisting to disrupt the forums will be reported.

Any discussions about the banning of any members or the decisions of the Admin and Moderation Team will not tolerated on the forums, any posts found to be discussing this will be removed.

Problems with using the forums

We understand that sometimes people using forums for the first time may come into difficulty, if you have any problems with using the forums, please feel free to contact the Admin and Moderation Team, we will help you as much as we can.

Our forums are hosted by an outside company and may from time to time experience difficulties. Admin will do our upmost best to notify members if there is a problem accessing the forums.

If you see a post that you feel may be breaking the rules please contact the Admin or Moderation Team via PM or email, expressing your concerns, please include the member who has posted and the title of the topic. This makes it easier for the Team to find the post and deal with the situation promptly.

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