Adding videos and music to posts

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Adding videos and music to posts

Post by Admin on Mon 21 Apr 2008, 2:34 am

Due to copyright laws, the adding of music or videos to posts is illegal (this inlcudes videos from Youtube, Dailymotion ect) However, you can put a link in your posts so that other members can go to look at the vidéos on the sites in question as long as the downloading of these files under copyright is not possible while following your link directly. It is necessary that the site allows ONLY the visionnage.

The only way you can add music and/or video's to your posts is if the author authorized you to do it. If not then No! Because to put music or a video in your posts with copyrights and without authorization of the author exposes Bipolar Support Centre to continuations and the possible removal of our forum in the event of complaint... This rule also applies to the extracts of emissions TV, concerts, etc...

Before you add a video or music to your post you must get permission from the Admin and Moderation Team, so we can verify that the correct permissions are in place.

However please note that although the Admin and Moderation Team will do our best to check all links in posts, at times we may not be able to check every single one. If you find a link in a post to be offending, breaking the rules, or is deemed inappropriate for the forums please contact one of the team and we will remove the link for further investigation.

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